BattleGroup Depot Mega Five-Fold Advantage

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BattleGroup Depot Mega Five-Fold Advantage


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BattleGroup Depot consulting package is created to help leaders engage the community with practical, proven solutions. Curricula has successfully been used in schools, programs for youth living with disabilities, community programs, foster programs and youth living in various facilities.

It’s developed for leaders to engage the students in an innovative format tailored to capture their attention and explore wisdom principles in a non combative, encouraging format.

We’ve also included the Hidden Treasure Kiosk. You have never seen such a comprehensive package designed to impact our community.

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Out of stock


Perfect for grant programs, workshops, business-education partnerships, and community youths outreach activities. This resource is developed for ministries size of 1500 members or more.  This resource supports practical outreach and partnership in the community. Partner with local chambers, school districts, and other youth organizations to educate, inspire, and encourage youth.  

Empowering teams to build capacity and equity within their communities outside of church walls.

BattleGroup Depot Consulting Package includes: 

Boss In Training Curriculum

Just Call Me Wonderful Curriculum

Hidden Treasure Kiosk for Ministry Stores

Regnant Affordable Boutique Resource

Interactive trainer’s manual with reproducible student worksheets- Association Customization

Bonus Consultant support includes:

Communication Management Package, Spanish versions available, product updates for a year, online class for trainers included, tailored discounts, and perks for clients.


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