Presidential Toolkit

//Presidential Toolkit

Presidential Toolkit

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Tailor-made for Impact consulting package is created to help leaders engage the community with practical, proven solutions. Curricula have successfully been used in schools, programs for youth living with disabilities, community programs, foster programs and youth living in various facilities.

It’s developed for leaders to engage the students in an innovative format tailored to capture their attention and explore wisdom principles in a non combative, encouraging format.

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Product Description

TMFI embodies a vetted community governance communications management system that utilizes shared services to educate and empower a wider range of leaders to become pillars in their community. Our regional plan is created for funders to empower each level of their stakeholders to build cohesive communities and strengthen our cities and our nation.

Neriah House Publishing, a division of Battlegroup Communication, vetted presidential flagship communication management system requires minimal investment from our constituents and provides maximum generational ROI.

TMFI is an internal and external communication resource that includes:

  • Governing and contribution rights for regional stakeholders
  • Proven curricula on workplace skills, self-esteem and more
  • Community building communications tips for staff and stakeholders
  • External online communication resources, includes social media outreach and TMFI consulting publication, called Regimus (we rule, we govern, we guide, we steer), which will be launching.
  • Our internal communication includes community building targeted publications, flyers and resources for organizations, schools and leaders
  • Free online training for community
  • Licenses toolkits for agencies, educators, community leaders and youths to develop and strengthen our communities.
  • It only gets better as we move forward to build a more capable cohesive community
  • One, Three and Five-Year Contracts Available

Perfect Community Outreach System for: School Districts Superintendents, Mayors’ City-wide Programs, Funders, Philanthropist, Chamber Presidents, Industry Leaders, University Presidents, Government Agencies, Nonprofits Presidents, Workforce Board Presidents, Foster Program Directors and other community leaders.

TMFI Regional tool kit includes license and resources for:

1 STEERING AGENCY                               $ 5,695.95

5 NONPROFITS                                         $ 4,479.75

7 YOUTH CONSULTANTS                        $ 1,189.65

7 GROUP HOME LEADERS                         $ 699.65

10 EDUCATORS                                            $ 999.50

20 YOUTH AMBASSAORS                       $ 3,198.00

Over $16,262.50 in value



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